About us

We are situated on 96 beautiful acres, just off the Fallbrook Road, between Bolton Creek and the Mississippi river.  Our picturesque property consists of a balance of field, forest, and wetland, providing natural habitats for wildlife essential to this area.

Brendan is the primary farmer and also a skilled carpenter.  He is passionate about his relationship with the land and  handling the machinery on the farm.  Erin loves to get her hands dirty in the garden then scrub them up for her job in Perth as a nurse practitioner. We have gardened together for almost as long as we’ve known each other, and we’ve been making maple syrup together since 2010.  We have three little budding farmers who love to help and hinder the operations on the farm. 

You can find us most Sundays through the summer at the Aruma Artisan & Farmer's Market in Lanark Ontario, open 9 am -1 pm.

Why not “organic”?

Our goal is to produce the highest quality food possible, free of harmful chemicals, thriving on well-maintained soil year after year.  We believe in crop rotation and companion planting, and we source heirloom and organic seeds whenever possible.  However we also optimize sustainability by fertilizing our own household compost, and sometimes need to use mild soapy water to eradicate harmful pests, neither of which would be permitted under organic licensing. Furthermore, the process for organic certification is largely honour-based, a lot of extra money and paperwork, and doesn’t necessarily lead to healthier food.  So while we continue to consider organic certification in the future, for now we are going to spend our time and energy working on growing food that we know sustains the health of our family, community, and farmland.

Thanks for stopping in.

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